While the technology evolves around the world, one of the most important problems that occurs is the damage of ecosystem.
Unfortunately, in the course of time, some attempts to make life easier have caused damage to the environment we live in, the food we consume, the air we breathe and our own body.



"PRODAY Probiotics" products are based on 100% natural ingredients and are enriched with probiotics. They significantly reduce the risk of bad smells and infections and promote healthy microflora in the environment.


The special formulation of the shower gel enriched with probiotics care your skin by keeping the moisture inside. It does not dry your skin and provides perfect cleaning.


It is a laundry gel enriched with probiotics. Suitable for white and colored laundry. Probiotics increase the cleaning effect and prevent the formation of bad odors. It has an antistatic effect.


Tutorial Probiotic Displacement

What do biocides and antibiotics have in common? Their common goal is it,...

Overview About Probiotics

Been aware of the problem of resistance for many years, and after years of research a solution has been found.