While the technology evolves around the world, one of the most important problems that occurs is the damage of ecosystem. Unfortunately, in the course of time, some attempts to make life easier have caused damage to the environment we live in, the food we consume, the air we breathe and our own body.

In order to solve this problem, as a result of deep research made about 15 years ago, a new technology was developed in the field of cleaning and probiotics began to use.

Thanks to this technology, we say goodbye to the classical cleaning methods made by chemicals which damage the environment!

Aware of all these problems, as PRODAY PROBIOTOCS we offer a brand-new product range to eliminate the threat to human, animal and environmental health, posed by chemicals used in almost all areas.

The aim of our foundation in 2019, is to provide products to prevent damages caused by aggressive chemicals in both industrial and vital areas in daily life and to eliminate the global risks ecologically.

In this way, we contribute to the creation of a balanced, clean and healthy world by eliminating the damage caused by chemical products in both vital and industrial areas.