Continues cleaning after use for 72 hours without your intervention.
Provides balanced, clean and healthy environment for harmful bacteria by consuming their nutrients in regular use.
Enriched with organic salts and probiotics, these products maintain their cleaning functions even in waste water.
Dirt and grease remover based on high cleaning technology.
By eliminating static energy load, it ensures that dirt is separated from the surface and prevents it to collect in layers.
It is safe to use on all materials such as metal, wood, rubber, plastic, varnish, paint fabric and leather.
Cleans polish and polishing paste residues.
Makes the surface fully ready for the application of paints and various protective layers.
Non-flammable, no explosion hazard, easy to transport and store.
Natural. It completely eliminates odors and anthropogenic effects.
Does not harm the environment, biodegradable and mixes with nature.
Does not cause toxic effects and allergic reactions.
Not harmful to eyes, skin or respiratory tract.
Does not turn into harmful gases when exposed to heat.
It has disinfection effect.
Compared to traditional methods, they are 30-40% more economical.