Probiotics are beneficial bacteria; balancing microflora and they are beneficial balancers and cleansing bacteria that neutralize harmful bacteria.

How do Probiotic Cleaners work?
Probiotics penetrate into the secret biofilm, where 90% of harmful bacteria are stored. So, it reaches the source of harmful bacteria. It increases the number of useful bacteria, consumes the nutrients of harmful bacteria, and neutralizes them. Thus, it provides hygiene, and prevents the formation of allergens and viruses.

What is Biofilm? How to Destroy?
Biofilm is like a microscopic city full of all kinds of harmful bacteria and microbes. They are found on almost all surfaces that are wet and hot. In hospitals, most of certain types of infections are said to be a result of diseases that live and hide in biofilms (e.g., H1N1, MRSA, Staph, E. coli).

However, the unexpected situation is that it cannot be removed with any cleaning products, including biofilm acids. Even the strongest disinfectant cannot penetrate the hard-shell-like layers. Biofilm is an armored house for bacteria to live.

When you remove the biofilm, microbes and viruses have nowhere to live and multiply, and this will cause them to die. Therefore, destroying the biofilm is very important for a healthy environment.

On the other hand, biofilm is a nutrient source for probiotics. In contrast to toxic cleaners, probiotics literally eat and destroy biofilms that keep bacteria and viruses that can make you and your family sick.