It is a general cleaning product enriched with probiotics. Suitable for all kinds of hard floors and water-resistant surfaces. Effective cleaning even in the smallest pores. Removes bad odors. Creates a healthy and hygienic environment. Does not leave stains on the surface. Creates an antistatic film. Provides late dusting and late contamination effect. With probiotics in content, cleaning will continue for a long time without your intervention. Each time the cat litter is used, urine and harmful bacteria settle into scratches on the surface of the litter tray. These harmful microorganisms can cause bad smells and disease over time. It provides all necessary hygiene for cat litter tray as well. Non-toxic. 100% ecological and soluble in nature. 100% safe for people and animals.

Instructions For Use:
1. Use with spraying method: Spray the product at 20-30 cm from the surface, brush tough stains. Wait a few minutes (1-10 minutes) depending on the degree of soiling, wipe or rinse several times with a damp cloth before the surface dries.
2. Cloth cleaning: Fill the bucket with a little water and add 4-5 covers of the product. Soak the sponge or cloth in the product, squeeze and wipe the area you want to clean. You can also spray the cat litter tray after it has been changed one a day to keep it clean for longer, taking care not to make it wet.

Caution: Wear gloves when handling. Do not mix with any other product or substance. Be sure to read the instructions. Rinse the treated area with plenty of water. Avoid prolonged contact to protect skin. Do not use for cleaning hands, face, body and food. Keep away from children and food. Store the product away from direct sunlight at a temperature between 5°C and 45°C.
500 ML